Tobacco Shop

Bedford Park, IL

Are you in Bedford Park, IL and in search of a smoke shop near you? South Side Smoke shop is here and we are more than just a tobacco shop or even a headshop. There are many things we have to offer you here at South Side Smoke Shop. Hookah pipes are one of our most popular products. If you are a hookah bar owner and are looking into some great hookah pipes, you will be able to find them here at the shop. Even if you are looking for a hookah pipe for personal use because you are tired of going to hookah bars, come in and check out our great selection. You are bound to find something perfect for your home use. Because we are one of the only headshops on the south side of Chicago, many of our customers come to us because we have a wide selection of items and accessories. Our tobacco shop is second to none when it comes to great tobacco flavors, e-liquid and e-cigarettes. You will see through our customer testimonials, that we are providing the best service available in regards to hookah pipes, glass pipes and bongs. We have many accessories with our logo on them so that you can let people know that we are your favorite spot for all things hookah or all things regarding pipes. We provide perfect customer service and all of of our loyal customers will say so when you come in and speak to them at our shop. Come in to South Side Smoke Shop today so that we can get you going with the best pipes and smoking accessories.