Tobacco And Detox Supplies

Cicero, IL

Located conveniently in the heart of Chicago's south side and also serving the Cicero, IL area, South Side Smoke Shop will always have the best tobacco and detox supplies available. Our highly experienced staff can also help you make that tough decision. There are many detox supplies on the market and we make it our business to only carry the products that work. There are drinks, pills and many other so called solutions that may or may not work but again we will always have the best choice for you here at South Side Smoke Shop. There are many types of tobacco out there and we carry only the best tasting and most popular flavors. If you like to roll your own cigarettes, we also have great variety of rolling papers that are flavored but there is always the good old zig zag that you can depend on. There are not many headshops in the south side of Chicago, so we try to get in as many varieties of tobacco and detox supplies as possible. You never know when you are going to need it. Many tobacco shops are too small to carry a lot of different brands and flavors of tobacco and detox supplies, we are at a great advantage because we have the right amount of space to carry most of the best brands and flavors. Check us out today and you will see that we are the best in Chicago and not just the South Side including Cicero, IL.