Glass Pipes

Chicago, IL

When you are looking into buying glass pipes or bongs, you must consider many things. Number one, do you like the way it looks? Next, is it something that you can see yourself using all the time? Now, these are all legitimate questions to ask yourself if you are serious about what you smoke out of. There are also many styles to choose from. Some may have more than one chamber or some pipes may also hold water like a bubbler. It all depends on what works best for you and your everyday life. You may be looking specifically for glass, which is something we have available at South Side Smoke Shop, serving Chicago, IL and the greater Chicago area. On the other hand you could be looking for acrylic, plastic, ceramic or even wooden. Most wooden bongs are made of bamboo. The best would be glass of course but if you are on a budget or if you would like to try something that you have never smoked out of before, we can definitely help you with that. It is all a matter of personal preference but there are always new pieces that our staff here can turn you on to. The possibilities are endless and we will help you make that important decision. There are also many things to know if you are looking into buying a glass pipe, the type of glass and the durability of it is of the utmost importance. Pyrex has been known to be the most popular glass pipe. Whatever your questions may be, we can answer them and have you on your way with a new glass pipe or on your way with one of our great bongs. We know what we are talking about and we can help you make a decision based on research and not just a guessing game.